<aside> 💡 This analysis on the Climate Tech regulatory landscape in Latin America was created by participant students of the Virginia Venture Fund from The University of Virginia (UVA)


The Latin American early stage climate technology investment ecosystem is uniquely impacted by state policy and support for innovation. Unlike other startup investment areas, climate innovation regularly requires participation and signals to the global investment ecosystem that the country as a whole is invested in being a leader in climate or open to climate investment.

Without this orientation and encouragement, startups may struggle to find funding, partnership, and rapid growth even though the problem space is well identified. This research is an important step in evaluating, comparing, and substantiating claims on specific climate ecosystems, country by country. This report will cover Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, and Peru.

Risk model

Investigating, evaluating, and comparing regulatory risk across countries is challenging due to the lack of public information, the influence of global institutions and investor preferences, and the frequent lag between public announcement and measurable impact of climate interventions. For this purpose, the student consultancy at the University of Virginia (Virginia Venture Fund) developed a country risk model.

Climate Innovation (Country Risk Model) .xlsx

VVF Reports

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